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Crane for Tractor

A tractor crane is a very good tool for an improved working environment in agriculture.
Precisely in agriculture, there is a lot of heavy lifting every day by e.g. bigbags with fertiliser, grain and seed.

A Hymaco tractor crane is a solution that is easy and safe to use.

What can a crane to a tractor do?

With a tractor crane, handling heavy big bags of seed and fertilizer is a breeze. There are several advantages to choosing a crane for a tractor rather than using e.g. a skid steer to do the towing.

A Hymaco tractor crane is a very strong and flexible agricultural worker!

Seeder crane

With a seeder crane, one employee can fend for himself, which is a big advantage when the seeder has to be loaded in a hurry.

Front tank crane

A solution where you only need one work tool.

Can you get a seeder crane?

Yes, you can, and at Hymaco our experience is that once you’ve tried a seeder crane, you can’t do without it!

Why choose crane for a tractor?

An investment in a tractor crane will make your everyday life on the farm easier. With a tractor crane, field work will go faster, which is a decisive factor for success when it has to be arranged according to the Danish weather and its whims.

Hymaco has experience with many brands

At Hymaco, we have over the years mounted cranes on many different types of tractors and sowing machines, so we have extensive experience within a wide range of brands.