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Stabiliser boom

Hymaco is the importer of Maxistab and consequently offers several models of stabilizer leg solutions. For us, it is important to provide functional and high-quality stabilizer legs that meet the stringent safety regulations in the market.

Compact dimensions and low weight.

One of the many advantages of Hymaco’s stabilizer leg solutions is compact dimensions and low weight due to high-strength steel. Additionally, stabilizers, as well as electrical and hydraulic components, are of the highest quality

Work safely

Always have safety-approved stabilizer leg solutions!

Why choose Hymaco's stabilizer boom solutions?

  • High quality
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • High operational reliability
  • Many options

Customer-oriented solutions

All cars, trucks, and operational needs are different. Hymaco’s extensive experience in the field allows us to offer a wide range of customized, individual stabilizer leg solutions of high quality.