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Contact us for inquiries:


At Hymaco’s workshop, we handle a wide range of tasks. Our employees have significant technical expertise and experience, and they are skilled craftsmen.

We are a metal workshop that performs repairs on various types of cranes. Additionally, we provide servicing for everything from lifts to vans and conduct mandatory inspections on all types of cranes, personnel lifts, tail lifts, and more.

Customized crane solutions

As almost all our sales consist of customized crane solutions, a significant portion of the work at Hymaco’s workshop involves creating new crane installations for our customers. This means that, according to the customer’s specific preferences, we mount different cranes on various models of trailers, vans, tractors, etc.

A workshop with a broad range of skills

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At Hymaco, we have a wide range of hydraulic parts, fittings, and hydraulic hoses. We have extensive experience in creating customized hydraulic solutions. Additionally, we stock a large number of items within the hydraulic field. Altogether, this means that we can quickly assist our customers with precisely the hydraulic solution they need.

Hymaco also performs repairs on hydraulic cylinders as well as repair and service on hydraulic systems.